Get a signed vinyl LP! And extra stuff in a bundle!?

Mega Bundle with vinyl, 2 shirts, socks and a bag

Wear your LP while listening to it!

We’re taking pre-orders for the new Confusion To The Enemy album, goody goody! Those who pre-order the 180 gram heavy-weight vinyl LP can get it signed by the band!

When you are submitting your order, please, give us a notice (in the “Order notes” of the checkout page) that you’d want your LP signed.

Order now! Goods will be delivered when the album has been released September 21st.

Pre-order the vinyl


Bundle your vinyl with extra cool stuff

We are offering some other great treats to go with your Confusion To The Enemy LP!

For just 40 euros you can get the LP and a T-shirt with the album cover Snail Skull print.
Hear it and wear it!!

LP + T-shirt Bundle


Confusion To The Enemy from head to toe!

With our super duper Mega Bundle for 75 euros you can get an awesome package of all this:

  • 180 gram gatefold vinyl LP
  • Confusion Snail Skull T-shirt
  • Classic Cow T-shirt (black)
  • Classic Cow LP shopping bag
  • 3-pack of Classic Cow socks

Get yourself a treat!

Mega Bundle

Credit card payments accepted

We accept direct credit card payments

Use your MasterCard, VISA or SWISH for direct payments!

We are delighted to announce that from now on, you can pay your No Bull Stuff items using your credit card, and in Sweden, you can SWISH the payment.

Credit cards

During checkout from our store, you can choose the “Credit Card” option as your payment method. You submit your VISA or MasterCard credentials – your data is secured by » DIBS gateway. As soon as the payment is verified on our bank account, we’ll ship you the goods you ordered.

SWISH in Sweden

In Sweden, you can Swish the payment. During checkout from our store, you can choose the “Bank Transfer / SWISH” option as your payment method, and use the “Order notes” field to tell us that you would like to Swish the payment.

When you have placed your order, we’ll email you our Swish number and the payment amount in SEK. Your order will be shipped as soon as the funds have cleared in our account.

At NOBS Clothing, we hope these payment arrangements make your life easier!

Now shop!

Advisory notice about the cheaper delivery option

Slow cow rests somewhere

Dear NOBS shopper,

We have received a couple of complaints on delivery times of shipments that have been ordered via Standard Postal Service.

In these cases, it has taken weeks before the parcel has arrived, even though the service provider PostNord has stated that normal delivery is within 3–7 days.

We are truly sorry for this inconvenience, but there’s really nothing we can do 🙁

Untraceable and untrackable

When we are shipping our No Bull Stuff goods, we prefer the services of UPS (and within Sweden, DHL), because they are fast and reliable. They commit to the delivery times, and thanks to the package tracking, they always know where the shipment currently lays.

But UPS is expensive. If we are sending a couple of t-shirts e.g. to Australia, the costs for shipping equal the cost of the products! This is why we wanted to offer our customers an option that is more affordable. A package delivery to Brazil that costs 75 euros via UPS is shipped for 11 euros via PostNord’s standard postal service. The difference is significant.

But these savings come with the price of unreliability.

PostNord cannot guarantee the delivery times they estimate for the packages. And the parcels are not tracked, so if your shipment has not arrived, we cannot know where it might be, or what’s the reason for delay.

So dear customer, if you choose the Standard postal service option (that we have stated to be a slower and non-trackable option), please be aware that the delivery time might be surprisingly long. And you need to have patience for just waiting for it, for we have no means for tracing the package’s whereabouts.

So, if you absolutely need to have your goods delivered by a certain deadline, please consider ordering via UPS, even though it is more expensive.

With love,

your friends at No Bull Stuff store

Affordable shipping option available!

Get those T-shirts for decent costs!

Our UPS (or DHL) deliveries have been reliable, safe and trackable, but the costs are pretty steep…  Now we are delighted to offer a cheaper option! By Standard postal service, we can ship the ordinary packages of a few T-shirts all around the world with a very reasonable price.

» Now it’s time to get that coveted garment at last!!


Success at Sweden Rock Festival

NO BULL STUFF at Sweden Rock Festival 2017

We had two highly successful days at the Sweden Rock Festival this year!

Thank you so much for making our premiere at Sweden Rock Festival such a grand success!

Loads of freaky, organic clothing and happy customers in our groovy No Bull Stuff tent!

Did you miss it?

» Get your NO BULL STUFF from our webshop!

Welcome to No Bull Stuff!

Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to No Bull Stuff. We hope you like the site, the concept, our organic apparel and toxic free approach. Needless to say, we are very excited about it.

This is only the beginning. Sign up for the newsletter if you want updates when we got new designs and clothing on the way (or another silly stop motion video for that matter). Spread the word if you like what you see here.

Send us photos of yourself wearing No Bull Stuff clothes and we will proudly post them.

Tons of thanks to web wizard Virpi Blom for helping us out putting it all together.