NOBS Clothing

We are happy to introduce our organic brand of clothes and apparels:

Our aim is to bring you cool and comfortable stuff while maintaining the ethical, moral and environmental responsibility.

We hope you enjoy this new take on what a clothing company can be.


The NOBS logo is based on a modified version of the popular Freak Kitchen cow head. Our idea is to create numerous groovy, freaky designs in the future, often inviting inspired artists around the world.

First one out is Nukui Bogard from Japan who approached IA with his cool, punk style cow.

A skull character made out of spare parts.

Animated videos

IA’s one passion is stop motion animation, the oldest (and most painfully slow) way to animate things.

In the beginning, we decided it would be good fun to create, however lo-fi, a short animation video for each piece of clothing!

The stop motion animations are featuring somewhat strange Mr Nobs and his trusty buddy, the Philips radio: videos are featuring the clothes, but also something silly, slightly irrational and fun along the way.

Introducing our irrational hero

Who are we?

Mattias IA Eklundh

I am the guitar player and lead singer in Swedish band Freak Kitchen. I also have some sort of solo thing going on, called Freak Guitar. Sometimes I play with my friend Jonas Hellborg.

Once a year I climb the Guru chair during my Freak Guitar Camp, something I adore doing.

My most recent passion is stop motion animation and I am deeply fascinated by the work of Aardman and Laika studios, hence the birth of Mr Nobs.

Having travelled the world as a professional musician for nearly thirty years I have seen the dark side of many businesses – not to say the often dreadful conditions under which many people work. The ethics of the clothing industry is certainly no exception.

When we started to talk about NOBS, it was indeed clear that it was all going to be organic, toxic free, no bull stuff. We will continuously work to reduce environmental footprints in every way possible.


Andreas Hansen

Born and raised in the bushy outskirts of Gothenburg, I have been making cool printed products of different kinds since 2002.

My clients have been both within music/movies/games industry and some of the largest FMCG-companies. Many crazy things have been managed through my half Swedish, half Danish hands.

The relation with Mattias started many years ago. While digging Freak Kitchen songs I contacted the Guitar Guru in order to see if we could possibly make some groovy Freak merchandise together. And so we did!

We are more than thrilled to develop the brand, show some innovative and cool designs while never giving up the ethical, moral and environmental values.